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Texas Association of Mediators 2023 Conference Round Up

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

I was proud to be asked to speak at the Texas Association of Mediators Conference this year.

My session was titled 'The Mediator as Wizard Taming the Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My' and focused on what is a mediation and what type of mediator you are.

We examined the four main traits of mediators using Riskin's Grid. We looked at how to establish your authority, independence, professionalism, and integrity from the very start of the process. We discussed the toolbox of questions that you can use to effectively move the process along. Remember you are the

Wizard working the controls.

We reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of Zoom Mediations as well as the ethical guidelines in the mediation process. We walked through negotiation and dealing with difficult tactics used by parties including bracketology and mediator proposals.

We also discussed whether or not the mediation really is confidential and whose laws may apply. We looked at what qualities make a mediator good and what separates competent mediators from great mediators. We even reviewed how to get started and getting business as a mediator. We finished with some specific takeaways and questions from members.

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