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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.



Robert Black: “I have used Greg as a mediator since he started his full-time mediation practice 15 years ago. He has been an outstanding and effective mediator in each and every case regardless of the size of the case or the issues involved. Greg knows the law and is not shy about raising damaging legal issues with both sides during mediation. Greg has successfully mediated small and large cases for my firm. In one case, I watched in amazement as Greg deftly navigated the claims and defenses of a large multi-party case with 22 plaintiffs and 265 defendants. Greg is effective because he works hard, listens carefully, and is willing to draw upon and share his vast array of experience and knowledge to plaintiffs and defendants alike.” 

Kelly Hairfield: “I'm going to start calling you the Miracle Worker! Thank you, Greg! My client was in tears he was so happy."


Clint Brasher: "Greg Thompson understands all aspects of litigation.  He uses his trial experience (successes and failures) combined with his appellate experience to guide a mediation for both parties.  His understanding of litigation, from start to finish, makes him a double-threat mediator – one who understands how hard it is to win a verdict but also that once won, the costs of appeal and its risks.  He is always prepared, has a tremendous capacity for understanding factual details and relevant legal principles, and is shockingly familiar with thousands of pages in short order.  He has a knack for being able to cut right to the heart of an issue.  Highly recommend.  A top mediator." 

Gilbert T. Adams, III: “Thanks Greg for your brilliant work.  I admire your superb intellect and your heart as well.” 

Maria Gerguis: “Greg is the best mediator. He stays on top of the law and is always the smartest guy in the room. He is respected by both sides and all clients. He has settled cases I thought were impossible.”


David L. Bergen: “Congratulations to Greg Thompson for twenty years of outstanding work as a mediator. I have been mediating with Greg for years now. He is one of the best mediators in the country! He has settled cases that I never thought would settle. He brings a wealth of knowledge, top-tier credentials, and a litigation and trial background that gives him instant credibility. I look forward to mediating with Greg for many years to come."

Shaun Hodge: “Greg is a truly exceptional mediator.    He is knowledgeable and up to date on the law, verdicts, and recent court decisions.   He brings a tenacious energy to the mediation and is skilled and adept in the art of structuring an amicable resolution between adversary parties and interest.”


Robert Grisham: “Greg does a great job mediating difficult cases. He has mediated several for me and my clients and has facilitated the successful resolution of cases I did not believe would settle. Greg is a wonderful mediator who actually prepares for mediation. He will read everything presented to him in advance of mediation and even conducts his own research into the issues, if need be. When he starts the mediation, rest assured he is prepared to hit the ground running. If a case does not settle at mediation, Greg stays involved and continues communicating with counsel for the parties to assist with the resolution of the case. I highly recommend using Greg as your mediator.”

Rene Sigman: "I have worked with Greg Thompson for the past 20 years on various insurance dispute matters across Texas.  When it comes to complex insurance disputes involving commercial properties, business owners, churches, municipalities, or schools his experience and relationships make a world of difference for you and your clients.  However, he is also just as effective in residential matters as well. No case is too small and he dedicates the same attention and resources to the smaller case as he does the larger one.  He is able to connect with your clients and understand how they feel in the process and the peace of mind they are seeking.  His past experience as a trial lawyer and the practice of law helps build the bridge you need to resolve these cases.  I cannot recommend him enough. If results matter, then he is your mediator. “ 


Patrick C. McGinnis: "I have known Greg for my entire 30 years of practice, first as one of the smartest lawyers I ever met, and then as an awesome mediator.  Greg has a unique quality as a mediator because he knows the law better than most of the lawyers in front of him, but he is not arrogant about it.  He will gently let you know that you have a weak spot.  He is one of the most engaged mediator's I have ever dealt with.  I think all clients (in both rooms) really like him.  Plus he and I share a lot of great stories, which makes it fun."

Scott Hunziker: “Thanks for all your help this week, my friend! I think we'll be working together more and more!!

 Matthew R. Pearson: “I have been mediating cases with Greg for several years and recommend him for any type of dispute.  One of Greg’s secrets to his success is that he has credibility with parties and attorneys on both sides of the docket.  Greg also has the ability to discuss the pros and cons of each case in a manner that resonates with clients, and being Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law, he understands and is up-to-date on the current law that impacts your case.  Even if you don’t settle the case during the formal mediation session, Greg will continue to work with all parties to reach a deal.  That is why he has such a high success rate.”


Dale Hanks: “Greg is a highly effective mediator, and he seems to get better each year.  He is naturally smart; he works very hard to understand the issues and their subtleties, and how they affect the parties’ positions; and he is passionate about getting to a resolution of the case if it’s at all possible.  He works before, during, and, if necessary, after the formal mediation to get cases resolved.  I recommend him without hesitation.”


Darren L. Brown: “I have known Greg for over 30 years.  I have mediated close to 100 multi-party cases with him over the last 20 years. Before he became a top mediator, he was a senior partner at Walter Umphrey’s law firm in Southeast Texas.   A mediator with Greg’s experience as a trial lawyer handling high-profile cases, class action asbestos litigation, tobacco litigation, and other toxic torts and personal injury and commercial cases is hard to find.  Combine that with his Harvard MBA, Pepperdine LLM, Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Law, Civil Trial Law, and Appellate law and you have a mediator whose credentials are unmatched in the country.  Most of all, he gets results and that is why I have continued to use him over the years.  He knows the law and the facts of each case that he has ever mediated for me.  I highly recommend Greg as a mediator.”


Chip Ferguson: “I have known Greg Thompson since 1989 when I moved to Beaumont to practice law.  We were law partners for many years, and I watched his success with the Cimino asbestos lawsuit and the Texas Tobacco litigation.  Not only were the results phenomenal, the way in which Greg handled his business was equally phenomenal. That is not to say that it was always work.  Greg and I participated in an Astros’ Fantasy Camp at the Astrodome, played in many a golf tournament together, and simply enjoyed good fellowship.  Greg was more than a colleague – he was and remains a friend.  Since Greg became a mediator, I have appeared before him many times.  He is a calming but strong force in both rooms and cuts through the lawyers’ rhetoric (even mine!) to reach the heart of the matter.  This almost always results in a good, and fair, outcome.  He knows his business well but is not all about just memorizing court cases, verdicts, or other outcomes.  Greg brings a true heart to the process. It is hard to believe that it has been twenty years.  It truly seems like it was just a short time ago we were sitting around the Stedman together.  Regardless, congratulations to Greg (and his entire office) on reaching twenty years and best of luck for the next twenty.”

D'juana Parks: “Greg Thompson has mediated a number of complex matters on behalf of my clients. His professionalism, legal knowledge and tenacity have resulted in many successful mediations. In instances where resolution is not reached the day of mediation, Greg continues to stay involved, communicating and negotiating with all parties until a resolution is reached, which sometimes is during or after a trial of that particular matter. Greg has an innate ability to communicate the potential issues to each party without alienating or disparaging those involved. While I may not always agree with his assessment of my case,  my clients and I are almost always persuaded to compromise and reconcile for the best interest of my client – which, to me, is the ultimate goal and definition of a great mediator.”

Steven. C. Toups: “Greg is an outstanding mediator and his credentials are second to none! It’s rare to have a mediator with Greg’s extensive educational and professional background. As a trial lawyer, Greg has worked on a variety of cases of all sizes and complexity at one of the leading law firms in the State of Texas.  He has been in the litigation trenches and knows well the many issues faced by plaintiff and defendants. Greg is very active and generous in our community which helps him relate to people of all backgrounds. Most of all, Greg is smart, will be prepared, and he can easily navigate the complexities involved in all types of litigation.  I strongly recommend Greg as a mediator and I am available to answer any questions regarding my great experience using Greg as a mediator.”

Katherine Ramsey: “I have had the pleasure and opportunity to mediate numerous cases with Greg Thompson, all of which were successfully resolved with his guidance.  In the mediations I walked into thinking “this case has ZERO chance of settling,” Mr. Thompson’s tenacity, thorough understanding of the facts, legal issues, and case law involved in each case, and his ability to relate to each client’s points of view, helped the parties to find common ground they did not realize existed and allowed the parties to reach fair and reasonable resolutions. His prior experience as a board-certified attorney in Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Appellate Law, along with his MBA from Harvard, greatly assists in the handling of complex cases and I will continue to recommend him on my cases.” 

B. Adam Terrell: "Greg Thompson has done many mediations for my clients, so my recommendation is not based on an isolated event, but rather on multiple encounters with his ability. The two attributes that I find most impressive about Greg are his preparation and determination. 1) As to preparation, Greg is the type of mediator that wants and reads EVERYTHING prior to the mediation.  He will know the  facts and the law as well as any lawyer involved in the case. This is crucial for a successful mediation. 2) As to determination, I have had multiple cases that Greg has settled during a second mediation after an impasse was declared in a first mediation using another mediator. Greg has the determination to navigate through the tough issues an settle cases other mediators could not. I could not give Greg Thompson any higher recommendation as a mediator and I strongly recommend him as a mediator!”

Randy Sorrells: “I want to tell you thank you so much. You were amazing and terrific. If I can be a reference let me know. You did a great job. I hope to work with you again.”


Sean Russell: "Greg is a rare specimen – the mediator who you can honestly tell your bottom line, trust with your best (and worst) facts, and he can still get you a better result than you thought you deserved."  

Ted Ray: "I like this mediation. Thank you. You're the ninja mediator!"

Frank Calvert: “Greg is an excellent mediator who serves with great integrity and insightful analysis while working hard to bring the parties to a resolution.  It is always a pleasure working with him to successfully resolve a lawsuit.” 

Lauren Brogden: “Greg focuses on so much more than just getting the deal done, although he does that very well. As a mediator, he engages with the lawyers on both sides and their clients to develop personal relationships and understand each party’s priorities and motivations. Mediating with him is a joy!" 

Richard Gateley: “I have used Mr. Thompson as a mediator for almost 10 years. His knowledge of the material submitted to him is unsurpassed. He puts this knowledge to best use from opening of the mediation through resolution. He is a good listener and instills trust on both sides of the docket. He is quick to grasp the material facts and the law which might be applied to those facts in determining the outcome. Most of all, he does not simply carry offers back and forth. He comments on a party’s strengths and weaknesses whether your client be a plaintiff or a defendant. A client may not like what he or she hears but Greg presents the issues in such a way that the client recognizes the challenges going forward and the advantages of considering settlement as an alternative. Greg can do all this because he is a true “neutral” with no interest whatsoever in the outcome even though he may be well-acquainted with counsel for a particular party.”


Kimberly N. Blum: “Greg is my go-to mediator in the Houston area. He is well-respected in the legal community, and is someone I can count on to help me resolve difficult cases.”


Terry McCarthy: “Aside from being the best mediator around, I also consider him to be a mentor and a friend. Working with him is usually the highlight of my week!”

Anonymous: “Greg is simply the best. He is always prepared and a true professional. He knows the law, quickly assesses the issues driving the dispute, and works hard in each room. My clients and I have resolved many cases with Greg where before or even part way through the mediation we thought we had no chance at resolution that day.”   

Mark Sheiness: “As always, you did great work. I appreciate it.”


Anonymous: “I have hired Greg to mediate numerous lawsuits.  He is one of the best mediators I have worked with in my 28-year career.  Greg is always prepared, has a thorough grasp of the issues, and has an excellent track record of bringing parties together to settle hard-to-resolve disputes.  Greg is a true gentlemen and always a pleasure to work with.” 


James B. Galbraith: “Greg Thompson has been entrusted countless times to serve as mediator in unusual and monumental matters and has never failed to impress.  He brings ideas and viewpoints that reflect his considerable experience in litigation of a wide variety of subject matters.  I have recommended him to many and will seek his counsel in the future. I served as counsel to BP in the MDL with over 50,000 plaintiffs. Greg got consensus among the more than 40 lawyers to the point where we now trust each other more and have become much better friends.”

Charles H. Abbott: “Greg is a first class mediator.  His extensive preparation and appreciation of the facts and law is truly unmatched.  Unlike most mediations that last all day, my experience with Greg is that he tries to cut to the chase quickly and in the most efficient/effective manner.  That ability and strategy only works after years of practice and trust from both sides.”


Stan Perry: “It is always a pleasure to work with Greg.  Greg brings a trial lawyer’s perspective to mediations and few mediators have that experience and perspective.”

Clint Lewis: “You again showed me today that you are truly gifted mediator.”

David Bradley: “Greg is an intelligent and knowledgeable mediator.  He sees both sides of an issue and readily points out strengths and weaknesses to clients without criticism or judgment. He definitely is not just a number carrier. His post-mediation follow-up is unparalleled. I have mediated with Greg many times over the past 10 years and look forward to using his services many times in the years to come.  He is definitely at the top of my list for a complex, complicated matter. Greg gets it. And, he gets it done.”


Todd Lonergan: “I have worked with Greg since Hurricane Rita.  We worked on a hard docket for one of my clients and he helped get it under control where we were able to resolve a high volume of claims quickly and without a lot of drama.  He has the ability to help the parties focus on the issues and not get distracted by other things.  He is a great mediator and good friend.  I always look forward to mediating with him.”


Steve Dillard: “Greg, we appreciate your efforts as always. You do an excellent job and have great credibility with us.” 

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