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Winter 2023 Update

I just successfully resolved Zoom mediation number 705 that involved 13 parties in a disputed cancer case. Thanks to great lawyers in getting this done. Let me pay tribute to Thomas Thomas.

Judge Thomas Thomas was longtime Jefferson County judge of the 172nd. He was a no nonsense jurist that had a tough exterior hiding a heart of gold. He trained me and so many others. My first hearing in 1982 was in his court involving an insurance claim arising out of a dramatic jewelry theft in Port Arthur. The sophisticated crew that robbed the store came out of Chicago ( see the movie Thief starring James Cann). I won my first hearing. The bench is now in excellent hands with Judge Mitch Templeton.

Judge Thomas started the mediation business in Jefferson County. He developed it. I could be professional mediator because Judge Thomas opened the doors. Bob Black, Danny Ducote ( both great mediators) and I could do what we do because Judge Thomas blazed the trail. Others that follow us owe a big thank you to Judge Thomas. He is gone now but definitely not forgotten. Thank you Judge. ( nice photobomb from passed away great friend Bob Monk with a bit of Lance Bradley there also).


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